Kazakhstan and Latvia strengthen logistic ties

The past year in the relations between Kazakhstan and Latvia was marked by the building of transport, transit and logistics links.

This year promises to be no less intense, and its main event will be the meeting of the intergovernmental commission in Riga. Details in the report of our correspondent Marina Petrova.

Kazakhstan is considered a gateway to the East, and Latvia is a gateway to the West. On this Eurasian transport, the path of the republic is linked by strong friendship and close cooperation. This is confirmed by the statistics for 2017.

Uldis Reimanis, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of Latvia:

– I think we are going to a positive trend. Last year, container shipments grew by 3.8%. If we take our ports, last year the traffic through our ports was processed more than in 2016, more by 15% of container traffic. In road traffic, the size of cargo along the roadways has also increased. We exchanged 4,000 universal permits for bilateral transportation and 700 permits for transport from third countries.

One of the main achievements of the past year was the signing of an agreement on cooperation between the railways of Latvia and Kazakhstan. This gave a new impetus to the cooperation of countries in the field of cargo transportation.

Edvins Berzins, President of the Latvian Railway:

– After this contract, we have already seen the first container train that came from China in transit through Kazakhstan and then to Latvia. And it is very important that we also work together on Khorgos. Our working groups have already visited Khorgos several times and looked at how to improve how to go forward. I would say that in 2017 we laid a very strong and good foundation for cooperation this year and in the future.

Great expectations in Riga are placed on the meeting of the Latvian-Kazakhstan intergovernmental commission, which will be held here at the end of May this year. Latvia is already actively preparing for the forthcoming meeting.

Vladimir Samoylenko, representative of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency:

– The Ministry of Education and Science is preparing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on aerospace topics. Latvia, I said that we have a long-standing relationship, and in Latvia, more than 20 companies are working in space, but they are working with the European agency, they are working with NASA, now I think that it will be better after signing such a memorandum, more push in this direction. We have something to offer.

An important event this year will also be the Astana Economic Forum, in which Latvia will also take part. The delegation of this Baltic republic intends to present on it its vision of more efficient container transportations in the Eurasian corridor.